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Mailing Fulfilment

Complex mailing and administration made simple

What we offer...

NFPBS have helped many organisations manage their donor or membership databases, enabling them to identify, target, acquire and retain profitable returns.

Whether your income relates to membership subscriptions, charitable donations and Gift Aid, sales, or the provision of information, ultimately what we aim to do is help provide a cost-effective fulfilment service.

We always deliver

The more complex the mail distribution project, the more it makes sense for professionals to manage it for you. Our Mailing fulfilment services are designed individually around client’s needs and always deliver a quality product.

Our expertise...

Donations & Gift Aid

We can arrange to take and register all your donations and Gift Aid as part of membership, accountancy or our mailing managment services.

Subscription Fulfilment

Allocate the extra resources required to fulfil your subscription mailing and keep members up-to-date with their subscription payments.

Database Management

Keep your company and membership records up-to-date and secure with our record management services.


Communicate with your members regularly through our general purpose mailing services.

Newsletters & Publications

Keep your network interested, informed and educated with our subscription and newsletter mailing management.

Official Communications

Make sure your members and stakeholders receive those all important official communications.

Our work in action...

See some examples of our work with mailing fulfilment issues. 

The Problem


This small charity was spending more of its time running its own office than concentrating on its core purpose for being in existence. A number of well meaning individuals had attempted to help over a number of years with the challenging accounting requirements of the Charities Act, VAT – when it should be applied and when it could not – sponsorship commitments, HR issues, compliance, correct governance, Trustee meeting administration, database problems etc etc , the list just goes on.

All this time, hard work and effort and not an inconsiderable cost but still nothing was going directly for the beneficiaries of the charities main purpose. This had to stop! The Trustees realised that it was inappropriate for a charity of their size to try and achieve everything themselves and that other charities must be in a similar position.

The Research


The Trustees decided that they would outsource all the back office functions to an organisation that had both the expertise in the sector and the resources necessary for when they were required to resolve this matter. A search of the market place was made but few organisations could provide all the services required as a “one-stop-shop” or offer the depth of experience from which the Trustees would obtain comfort. 

The Solution


Following a tendering process a three year fixed fee contract was agreed with fees comparable with the total cost of staff, premises, software, licenses, databases etc. The big saving was where the Trustees and other senior personnel had the time to concentrate on the Charity and its good works rather than looking inwards.

An experienced management accountant attends Trustee meetings and provides a commentary on the actual expenditure and forecasts. The database is now always up to date for mailings to donors and supporters and all compliance issues completed correctly and on time. There are no longer any staff issues or any limit to resources as and when they are required.

What makes us different?

With over 25 years experience in the field, we’ve handled countless large scale mailing and fulfilment projects for a number of our clients. 

We care about our clients and we want to see them succeed. Our staff work with merticulous precision to ensure pinpoint accuracy and make sure your mail is always delivered on time. 

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