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Secretariat Management

Specialist outsourcing for complete organisational management.

What we offer...

Not-for-Profit Business Services (NFPBS) was established exclusively to manage not-for-profit organisations.


Our fundamental purpose is, and always has been, to give associations and their members exactly what they want – the best possible service and value for their money.


Not only does this approach substantially reduce overheads, but our extensive experience and knowledge of the sector ensures that a high quality of operations is maintained.

Outsourcing done properly

NFPBS was founded on the basis of our secretariate services. We're so good - we've been growing ever since. Get in touch and see what we can to do for you...

Our expertise...

Management Services

A full range of management and administration services from accountancy to membership recruitment.

Personnel Issues

Find the right people for the job and manage your resources effectively.

Office & Property

Remove the difficulties with finding, renting and buying office space and commercial property.

Staffing and HR

Take the hassle out of all your hiring and policy management by outsourcing your HR to our trained professionals.

Accounts & Finance

Our financial management team has the expertise to provide the information and analysis you need when you need it.

Web, Marketing and PR

Using our expertise we can take away the stress of producing and distributing communications that amplify your distinctive brand voice.

Our work in action...

See some examples of our work. 

The Problem


This organisation had been fully administered for a number of years by the staff of one of the Livery Halls in London. However, over the past few years getting suitable staff with the correct or wide ranging skills to undertake the full range of requirements for a reasonable cost was becoming harder. Standards were falling and something needed to be done to protect the Trustees.

The Research


The Treasurer undertook to find and interview a number of potentially suitable organisations who could provide a wide range of services including, providing accounting suitable to meet the Charity Commissioners requirements, produce management accounts that non accountants could understand, design and update the website, evaluate applications for grants, make the grant payments, fully service the trustees meetings with agenda, reports, accounts, take minutes and on top of all this, organise a black tie fundraising dinner for 1000 people in a Park Lane hotel.

The Solution


Following the tender process and a few enquires of existing clients by the Treasurer an appointment was made for a three year term. The Trustees are now very pleased to inform anyone that they made the right decision in moving away from what had always been done and without anyone questioning the results to outsourcing it to a professional organisation who specialised in that type of work, providing a high standard of delivery and value for money.

What makes us different?

Over 25 years ago we started NFPBS to specifically provide full secretariate management to organisations with particular business issues.

As one of the many companies offering outsourcing services our unique trait is that we understand the challenges of running a successful association, membership organisation, charity or not-for-proft organisation. 

With our full secretariate management, you can rely on our expertise to help you face those challenges head on.

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