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Membership Recruitment

Innovative strategies to harness the power of your community

What we offer...

Not for Profit Business Serivces (NFPBS) are well used to planning and executing slick membership retention and recruitment programmes.


This includes the agreement of key selling points via the development of clear and tangible membership value propositions. We are able to work with clients to identify the most appropriate routes for an effective membership campaign. This may include trade press initiatives, target member research, road shows, surveys, tele-sales etc.

Building networks

NFPBS prides itself on building networks of services, resources and professionals.

Our expertise...

Outreach & Engagement

We create innovative campaigns to engage new members and harness the power of your community.

Events & Networking

Optimise your networks and events to make your organisation more effective, active and open to new members.

Training & Education

Provide valuable knowledge and information to your members by offering training and education courses.

Social Media Marketing

We can help you engage with and grow your community online through social media marketing, groups, and forums.

Market Research

Create products, services and communications your members want by undertaking professional market research.

Web, Marketing and PR

Continue to communicate with your members whilst you get on with running your organisation.

What makes us different?


We employ a number of individuals with an over one-hundered years of accumulative experience running membership organisations. 

We care about community and aim to make NFPBS a model of how to provide effective knowledge, thought-leadership and services to a your member networks . 


Want to know more?

Get in touch with us to arrange a consultation and we'll see how we can help!

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