Beauty Companies Association

A number of prominent companies have formed a steering committee to be responsible for establishing the Association. The Chairman of the Steering Committee, Ian Gerrard, the Director of Gerrard International Ltd, the UK’s leading Beauty Sales and Marketing company and Dean Nathanson (Deputy Chairman), Managing Director of CACI International, the largest U.K manufacturer and supplier of specialist electro therapy beauty equipment, have initiated the formation. Ian Gerrard said, “For many years the companies running our trade magazines and trade events have been solely focused on maximising their own profits rather than listening to the wishes of the companies supplying the professional beauty industry. They have not stopped to consider how their actions and pricing policies might adversely affect the long term future of our industry. It has become clear in the last few years that the quality of service these companies are providing does not come close to the levels that they should be delivering. The increasing number of trade magazines and trade events has lead to a market dilution and decreasing returns on investment. Collective agreement as to the key publications and events to support will thereby enable us to maximise our return on investment”. Amusingly, a short article in a recent edition of Professional Beauty picked the bones from the press release but failed to mention the Steering Committee Chair’s tirade against the media, making the piece something of a non-event! For more details of the association click here