Fuzzier Together!

‘Fuzzier Together. Safer Together’ may be the motto of the Indianapolis based National Mascot Association (NMA), but it’s members may soon be experiencing feelings of deja vu if they tune in to a new show that’s about to hit Netflix. Called Mascots, it’s a mockumentary based on the world of professional mascots, particularly ones affiliated with sporting teams. With the plot centred on the 8th World Mascot Association Championships, the film features characters that would be unusual with or without the costume. Whilst the work of the NMA is all about creating the standards by which mascot performers conduct themselves, that of the WMA is entirely fictitious! The laudable aims of the real-life NMA include making sure that all mascots are built safely, securely, and with the ultimate in flexibility and movement, so the film most certainly takes a bit of creative license. But if you’re in the mood for seeing someone poke fun at the world of associations, and don’t mind a few crazy suits, it might offer some laughs. Who knows you may think some UK associations deserve treatment?!