International Safety Awards 2017

Each year the British Safety Council invites its members and other organisations around the world to apply for an International Safety Award for their site/business unit. The award recognises commitment to good workplace health and safety management. More than 500 entries are received each year and are adjudicated by an independent panel of chartered health and safety professionals. The British Safety Council turns 60 in 2017 and so the awards will be presented at the 60th Anniversary and International Safety Awards Gala Dinner at Grosvenor House Hotel in London on Friday 5 May 2017. Open to anyone with an interest in workplace health and safety, organisations will be invited to answer 12 questions about their health and safety management and demonstrate their continued commitment to keeping their workers and workplaces safe. Clearly, benefits include the opportunity for participants to gain recognition and promote their achievements, but most importantly to be part of a celebration of 60 years of improving health and safety standards around the world. Once again British Safety Council will invite applications for two further health and safety awards introduced to recognise individuals who, through their passion, commitment and dedication, have helped make a difference by keeping their colleagues and others healthy and safe. Organisations submitting an application for an International Safety Award can take the opportunity to enter one or two employees for the awards of Health and Safety Champion of the Year, and Young Health and Safety Champion of the Year. More at: http://