Press Action Urgent

The Press Recognition Panel (PRP) has published its first ‘Annual Report on the Recognition System’. It concludes that urgent action is required if the post Leveson system of independent self-regulation is to be given a chance to succeed. The PRP notes that the recognition system envisaged is not yet in place because section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act 2013 has not been instigated and calls for its completion. It also declares that until the recognition system is fully in place it cannot judge its success or failure, pointing out that success would be “when all or most publishers were members of one or more recognised regulators” The PRP goes on to say that “it would be premature to introduce statutory regulation of the press as the recognition system must be established first and then properly tested. However, it notes that if it is decided that Section 40 should not be brought into effect then Parliament may want to consider what further action is required to bring about success of the kind contemplated by the Charter.