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Busting the Myth of Modern Member Engagement

Breakfast, Discussion & Presentation, 11th of May, London

This free educational event will give you practical help on successfully delivering integrated digital services to your members. Additionally, your team will have the opportunity to network and discuss the challenges you are facing with other organisations facing similar obstacles. At this important event, Hart Square will help facilitate this discussion and derive some answers.


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As independent CRM consultants, we have noticed expectations from members have increased dramatically in recent years, which in turn is putting pressure on Membership Bodies for more online self-service, mobile access and personalised content.


The benefits of modern member engagement systems are clear:


Improved relevance to members, increasing retention and revenue
Improved understanding of member needs, leading to targeted services, cross-sell and up-sell
Streamlined services, saving time and money
Improved flexibility to bring new offerings to market
Improved business insight, allowing proper strategic management


The challenge is that membership bodies are often working with systems, which don’t connect and can create barriers to staying competitive. The bodies are left asking:


What does modern member engagement look like? What should I be aiming for?
Do I upgrade my current systems or replace them?
What about integrating my CRM, website and campaign email systems?
What is the rest of the sector doing?


This workshop will examine the questions above and allow you to hear from industry experts and other organisations successfully addressing this challenge.


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8:30 – 11:00

Details TBC

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