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CRM Projects in the NFP Sector: Why do they succeed or fail?

The afternoon presentation with industry experts will provide vital insights and practical guidance for any NFP organisation involved in or planning a CRM implementation.


The benefits of this event are:

  • Insight into the behaviours in your own organisation that influence CRM success or failure
  • Explore the common pitfalls of CRM projects – and how to avoid them
  • Insight into what other NFPs are selecting, what they are spending and the relationship to a successful outcome


Key areas covered in the report include:

  • Indicators that relate to project success or failure – from project preparation, through vendor selection and delivery
  • How to prepare for a successful project – and avoid the surprises later
  • Internal vs external resourcing – what has the best outcome?
  • Project budgets – what is the ‘going rate’ for projects
  • What types of systems are being selected in the current market?


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