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Manifesto Manoeuvres

With the election in full swing we are all eagerly awaiting the publication of the last few party manifestos. This has spurred on numerous trade associations to publish their own versions.They are thought provoking documents but the question is, are the Parliamentary candidates really listening, or are they too bound up in party politics to take our views on board?

A cynic might say that, with the exception of the CBI and their ilk, most trade association manifestos are more of an exercise in profile building – designed to reassure members that they wield ‘influence’ – than an instrument for meaningful change? Nevertheless, Association News has assembled some for your scrutiny, and you can read the documents in full by clicking the links below each summary.

The Soil Association


The Soil Association calls on all parties to give food and farming a higher priority than ever in their manifestos. Stating that, ‘as the UK prepares to leave the EU, the next Government will have an opportunity to produce an agricultural policy for the first time in decades. This must fully recognise the importance of food and farming to public health, our environment, and the economy. We urge all political parties to put climate change, public health, soil protection and farm animal welfare at the centre of their food and farming vision – and to adopt the eight policies in their 2017 manifestos. Stronger working across departments and with devolved administrations, and better resourcing of DEFRA, is also essential. Our recommendations cover food production (farming and land use) and consumption (public health and diets)’. Read more...

Creative Industries Federation


The Creative Industries Federation, the national membership organisation that brings together all of the UK’s arts, creative industries and cultural education, has launched its election manifesto. According to the CIF it is key to driving growth in a post-Brexit Britain. The fastest growing part of the UK’s economy, the sector contributes £87bn in GVA. The UK is the third-largest exporter of cultural goods and services in the world – just behind China and the US. However, the CIF maintains that, as other countries are now prioritising the sector, we cannot take our global pre-eminence for granted.


They have identified 10 priority recommendations that will enable the creative industries, arts and cultural education – and therefore the nation – to thrive. Read more…



The Open Data Institute


The Open Data Institute works to build a strong, fair and sustainable data economy in which data gets to the people who need it. They believe that openness is a vital mechanism to create a data economy that works for everyone, stating, ‘We are a global organisation but our headquarters are in the UK. The UK’s practices – particularly around data – are followed worldwide, so we want to get data to people to help them make informed decisions on who to vote for in the UK general election.’  

They propose a number of data ideas for political manifestos based around two sets of sentences that they would like to see in the party manifestos, including ‘data infrastructure, skills and open innovation’; and ‘ethics, engagement and equity’. Read more…


CONFOR Five Point Plan


Confor – the membership organisation for sustainable forestry and wood-using businesses – has delivered a five-point forestry action plan to create rural jobs, tackle climate change, build homes and protect wildlife in its manifesto for the UK Government election. The document – called Planting The Future – calls on the new government to: plant more trees; take the forestry commission back to its roots; appoint a minister to stand up forestry; cut red tape; and ensure fair treatment for forestry. Read more…

Energy Networks Association


The ENA represents the UK’s gas and electricity grid operators. Parliamentary hopefuls will shortly receive a ‘Know Their Networks’ pledge card with information from ENA about their local gas and electricity network operator, as well as key facts and figures about network infrastructure. The ENA wants candidates to understand the vital service network companies deliver for their customers both nationally and locally, including:  Energy network companies employ 30,000 people across the UK and are responsible for serving 30 million customers. Read more…

AELP Push for More Apprenticeships


Four million quality apprenticeships are a feasible commitment for a new government to adopt during the next Parliament, according to the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) whose training provider members deliver the programme. Read more…


The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed


IPSE’s manifesto, ‘A Contract with the Self-Employed’, addresses questions on taxation and potential regulation and offers a full set of practical policies the they say the next government should deliver to support the self-employed. These include:


Defining self-employment in law to stop exploitation and keep self-employment positive

Reviewing the tax system for the self-employed to ensure fairness and efficiency

Providing fair parental benefits for self-employed mothers and fathers

Controlling the damage from IR35 changes in the public sector, and committing to no similar measures in the private sector

Developing a proper pensions solution for the self-employed

Changing the tax treatment of training to encourage development & career progression

Read more…

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