Association News

Michael Webb

News has reached me that Michael Webb, formerly editor of this publication, passed away on 17th June after a short illness.


Michael started Conference House in 1991 to organise conferences and exhibitions in the not for profit sector. His flagship event was the Charities and Association Exhibition (CHASE) which started the following year and has been running for 25 years. He also founded, wrote and edited two bi-monthly e-mail newsletters, NFP TECHNO on technology issues and Association News on membership issues. He became a Director of the association management company Not For Profit Business Services in 2014 where he introduced a number of additional services to their client base.


In the not for profit sector where he made his biggest professional impact, he will be sadly missed by his friends and colleagues. But his previous experience included working in drinks sector marketing, retailing and wholesaling products such as Smirnoff, Gilbeys, Baileys, Malibu, and Piat d’Or.