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New IMPRESS Standards Code

IMPRESS, which claims to be the first truly independent press regulator in the UK, and is recognised by Royal Charter, has launched a new standards code.


The IMPRESS Standards Code is a modern Code that aims to assist journalists by promoting and supporting their work. It also aims to protect the public from invasive journalistic practices and unethical news reporting. The Code is practical and responsive to emerging challenges in the digital era including issues like verifying the authenticity of sources and information and using content from social media. Areas covered include ACCURACY, ATTRIBUTION & PLAGIARISM, PRIVACY, and TRANSPARENCY. There is also guidance on the subjects of CHILDREN, DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT and sources. This latter requires publishers to take every step to preserve the identity of sources who have communicated their wish to remain anonymous. This means that publishers must have a system – for example, a secure database – to ensure that the identity of confidential sources is protected.


The IMPRESS Code and guidance notes can be downloaded at:

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