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NfP Technology Projects – Why do they Succeed or Fail? – Research Study

NfP Technology Projects – Why do they Succeed or Fail? – Research Study

Hart Square’s 2016 research study gathered answers from industry professionals of all levels and areas of expertise, providing us with valuable insights from over 200 CRM projects on the types of systems people buy, how much they paid for them and crucially, what ‘behaviors’ lead to success or failure. We then combined these results with our knowledge of the supplier marketplace to create a detailed report, which is both engaging and relevant to any NfP organisation considering a CRM or website project. Access last year’s report below.

Read CRM Projects: Why do they succeed or fail?

In response to the demand for this research, we are now expanding our areas of research to focus on the success and failure of all digital projects within the NfP sector.

As before, we are gathering anonymous survey results from the sector and will release these, along with our expert analysis, in an accessible, compelling format. If you would like to be part of this research and receive a free hard copy of the report for your interest, please submit your email to us by 15 June 2017 and we will be in touch.

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