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Severn Bridge Tolls Scrapped by 2018

Ben Cottam, FSB Head of External Affairs, said…

“We are pleased to hear the news that the Severn Bridge tolls will be scrapped at the end of 2018. The abolition of the Severn Bridge tolls has been a long-term campaign for FSB Wales and we are pleased to see that the UK Government has heard and acted on our representations.


“Before the General Election, we urged all parties to confirm when the tolls would be scrapped in order to provide certainties for business. Businesses will now be able to build in the removal of the tolls into their business planning as we know that for many businesses, this can be a financial hit and will be a disincentive to others.


“Many of our members will see this as providing for new opportunities to work cross-border and attract investment and talent from the South West. The business community with the City Region partners also need to consider how this move boosts opportunities to positively market the region as a place to start and grow a business as well as opportunities to boost tourism and leisure.


“The removal of the tolls is however only one of the measures needed to enable easy trade and movement for businesses. We now need to move to a resolution for congestion problems on the M4 including proper consideration of all the available options for improvements”.