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The Modernisation of Specialist NFP CRM Solutions

Platform still dominates, but specialist systems are fighting back


A narrative has emerged, which sees specific and genuine investment and a revitalisation in the specialist NFP CRM market. This is happening alongside recognition of some of the real challenges faced by non-profits seeking to implement platform solutions. Those challenges include a better understanding of the scale of investment required to enable projects to succeed, which may comprise significant financial sums, time and knowledge input.

Of course, it’s probably beyond coincidence that these two are happening at the same time. The specialist NFP CRM providers will undoubtedly have understood this challenge before most of the sector. Maybe that’s what’s inspired their revitalisation…

Approaches to the platform challenge have varied so much in terms of how these specialist solutions have responded and adapted. Therefore, we will be addressing several individual CRM specialists’ approaches, for example thankQ, Oomi, Millertech and Protech. Additionally, in the series, we’ll be reviewing why specialist NFP CRM systems remain a viable and strong alternative to platform solutions and consider how ASI are seeking to address this challenge by evolving their IMIS CRM into an ‘Engagement Management System’.


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